VRAK Kanal Store



The VRAK is a collective of Brussels people who create accessories on different supports such as t-shirts, bags, postcards or sweaters. The objective is to offer Brussels residents (but also others) original and humorous objects about their city.

Their textiles are all organic and fairwear and the prints are made in Brussels in a traditional silk screen printing workshop. The creations are 100% locally inspired and the collective transports all products by cargo bike.


vrak Kanal Store

Vrak started this project 5 years ago following the observation that in Brussels (unlike other cities), there were only kitsch and not very creative accessories in the shops around the Grand Place. They have a love/hate relationship with the city that inspires them and where they live. At the same time it fascinates them and at the same time it desires them, so they have decided to highlight it but also to laugh about it.