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réjane van enst


The paper jewellery line of l’Aire is designed and manufactured in Brussels and is fully geared towards colour and fusion.

Rice, banana, lure or pineapple paper is pasted, rolled, spun out, ground or crumpled into an ultra-light, super-coloured jewellery collection.

The jewels are handmade and are resistant to the light and natural moisture of the skin by several layers of matt lacquer, applied with the brush.

An original angle for jewellery, away from the ground, with unique pieces or products in limited series. Even if the jewels are made in series, they are never completely the same because they are always finished in a different way.


L'air Kanal Store

Psychologist by training and profession, the designer has developed a self-taught line of paper and cardboard jewellery that has been certified by the Office des Métiers d’Art since 2011.